First Version goes live.

The first version only includes the libraries from both Yii and AWS working together.

  • Yii Framework version: v1.1.12 released on Aug 19, 2012
  • AWS PHP SDK version: v1.5.15 released on Sep 26, 2012


As an example with S3 in a controller you can do the following:

                    $s3 = new AmazonS3();
                    $bucketname = "MYBUCKETNAME";
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                    $response = $s3->create_object($bucketname, "MY FILENAME", array(
                        'fileUpload' => "PATH TO MY FILE",
                        'acl' => $s3::ACL_PUBLIC

This will upload the file included in the path to your bucket in S3 as “MY FILENAME”.

Dont forget to config your Key and Secret from amazon in the protected/vendors/AWS/


  1. preforms validation and does not allow to save model, if there are any validation errors. That’s how ActiveRecord works ever since and this has to work in either current or in any other version of framework. So, if you’re able to upload TXT files, then you most certainly made mistake in your validators definition. I copied code from this wiki line-by-line and also wasn’t able to upload TXT files. The example is OK.